Where did I am? – travelling with oti

I reached some places I was able to visit the places that I didn’t really want to see, I didn’t take a tour and I couldn’t even visit them myself, since I still can’t get contacts, capital in large quantities on my own, and I want to travel a lot on my own so that you can accompany me on my adventures, because not only would I be able to tell others over and over again, but the videos themselves would tell me about what was there, what I saw with my camera.

These places are full of stories that cannot be repeated.

These videos are mostly made in Hungarian, but I would definitely like to write it on English (and possibly others) languages. Anyone who undertakes volunteer translation, write to me for acidberry (at) protonmail.com email.

I like travelling, but I cannot do myself, mostly of financial reasons, but if you can do, you can donate me.

I was these places:

Bulgaria: Slanchev Bryag – Слънчев бряг or Sunny Beach
Religional Piligrimage to Máriapócs in Hungary
Acna Slatina/Solotvino/Aknaszlatina
Lviv, Ukraine

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Hoverla hill climbing
Kosyno/Kaszony public bath, Ukraine
Szeged, Hungary
Vinogradovo, Zakarpatska oblyast’, Ukraine

You like my works? Donate me please 🙂

Budapest, Hungary

Other places: Part(s) of Dalmatia in Croatia, Berdyansk in Ukraine (what the Russian armies have occupied), Hajduszoboszló in Hungary, Kallithea in Greece

Vienna, Austria
Vylok, Ukraine
Matiiovo, Ukraine
Nyíradony, Hungary
Pezinok, Slovakia

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