Please support my work (The Videostone and Other Videos producing and Live broadcasts to many video sharing platforms, creating this Acidberry content, give new things, discovering and experiencing new things, experimentation, technologies, etc.).

If you don’t know, i am from Ukraine with Hungarian descent and in Hungary and Ukraine there is no good mentality (e.g: it is a series of mental contributions because it has its own desires and needs and have any others of diversity) and I can’t find a place for my emerging profession in them countries.

You can find from mainstream platforms like Youtube, TikTok, Twitter and Instagram and also the decentralized platforms like Mastodon and other AcitivityPub platforms.

Since I am a person who starts my life who wants to change private and develop further at the cost of less difficulty and victims, who have many problems (for example, because they have a developmental disorder, and secondary or somewhat order, it is very difficult to learn) and you consume my content that I produce, the financial support for me, because there is nothing free (I pay with my time to be ready, not prepared by themselves, there is no artificial intelligence, yet).

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